See, perceive, hear – in a new way!


The ELEPHANT trumpet
is big, imposing and you just can’t miss it!
The ELEPHANT can do more.
Its range of sound is enormous!

Traditional broad and rounded 
trumpet sound for wind bands

Or a brighter and more brilliant sound
for the lead trumpet in big bands

Alternatively, a more breathy and intimate sound can be achieved for jazz ballads

The flexibility of the ELEPHANTis almost limitless with its unique Sound-Tuning-System (STS) – consisting of mouthpiece boosters, bell rings and multiple valve caps.

The STS consists of mouthpiece boosters, valve caps and bell rings, each with four different weights (light, medium, heavy and extra heavy).


Bore: 11.5 mm, stainless steel valves with brass sleeves. Extra tall upper valve cap. Choice of 4 lower valve caps (heavy caps) of 80, 65, 50 and 35 grams. Valve buttons in brass, grip surface smooth or with black stone inlays.


Wide 135 mm brass bell with soldered seam, bent and hammered using lead.

Lead pipe

Brass ML lead pipe. Extra-long ferrule with thread to secure the mouthpiece booster. Choice of 3 booster weights – of 80, 85 or 90 grams.


Untreated, mirror polished or silvered.
Gold painted with matt parts or simply all in matt lacquer.

Our antique lacquer is new, giving an exceptional vintage effect, and is currently much in demand.



Messing oder Goldmessing
3300 Grundpreis Messing oder Goldmessing
  • Klarlack:

    - komplett 220€

    - Züge & Kleinteile matt 290€
  • Mattlack:

    - komplett 290€

    - Züge & Kleinteile klar 360€
  • Goldlack:

    - komplett 240€

    - Züge & Kleinteile matt 290€
  • Goldlack matt:

    - komplett 290€

    - Züge & Kleinteile klar 360€
  • Antik-Lack:

    - komplett 360€

    - Züge & Kleinteile klar 400€

    - Becher innen klar 120€
  • Versilbert:

    - komplett 450€

    - Züge & Kleinteile vergoldet 620€

    - Becher innen vergoldet 200€

personal configuration

If you want your Elephant instrument tailored to your needs, please let us know.