See, perceive, hear – in a new way


The Kuhlohorn was developed at the beginning of the 20thcentury by Johannes Kuhlo.

It was intended for the trombone choirs that were emerging at this time, and was indeed played virtually only here. Yet it had many enthusiastic devotees in such choirs.

Unfortunately, the euphoria over this very aesthetic type of flugelhorn did not last very long. The main reason was tuning problems with Kuhlohorns.

In contrast with the original instrument, we have altered the bore and run of the tube. As a result, the elephantkuhlohorn plays very well in tune and its speech is responsive


The elephant kuhlohorn has three classic rotary valves and an additional 4thvalve/changeover valve. Thus the compass of the kuhlohorn can be extended downwards to the “trombone register”.


The body is made of brass. The diameter of the bell is 150 mm.


Untreated, mirror polished or silvered.
Gold lacquer with matt parts or simply all in matt lacquer.
Our antique lacquer finish is new, giving an unusual vintage effect and is currently much in demand.


3900 Grundpreis Gold-Messing
  • Klarlack:

    - komplett 220€

    - Züge & Kleinteile matt 290€
  • Mattlack:

    - komplett 290€

    - Züge & Kleinteile klar 360€
  • Goldlack:

    - komplett 240€

    - Züge & Kleinteile matt 290€
  • Goldlack matt:

    - komplett 290€

    - Züge & Kleinteile klar 360€
  • Antik-Lack:

    - komplett 360€

    - Züge & Kleinteile klar 400€

    - Becher innen klar 120€
  • Versilbert:

    - komplett 450€

    - Züge & Kleinteile vergoldet 620€

    - Becher innen vergoldet 200€

personal configuration

If you want your Elephant instrument tailored to your needs, please let us know.